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2018 Strategic Plan Executive Summary

The purpose of the 2018 Regional Center Strategic Plan is to inform and guide the Regional Center Partnership on where to focus resources to implement top priority projects over the next five years. The Plan is also designed to be used by the three Regional Center municipalities to help advance their master plan goals in relation to the Regional Center. The Strategic Plan consists of three main components: a concise Vision statement for the Regional Center, a description of the four themes that characterize the entire Background Report, and a list of selected top priorities for the Regional Center for possible implementation in the next five years.

SC Regional Center Strategic Plan (2018)
Background Report

Historically, municipal master plans incorporate local needs with issues set forth in county and state master plans. The Regional Center designation, for the first time, allows three municipalities to come together to begin to plan the future as a cooperative unit. The intent of the Strategic Master Plan is to coordinate with the master plans of the three communities, addressing global and cooperative issues crossing municipal lines.

Utilizing a $135,000 grant from the Department of Community Affairs and $50,000 from the Regional Center Partnership, the Planning Boards of Bridgewater, Raritan, and Somerville worked with the Regional Center consultant team in the creation of a planning document of historic proportion, representing the next steps in Somerset County’s unique inter-municipal planning process.

The complete Strategic Master Plan (2006)